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Monty Haul Gaming is located in Adelaide Australia and is run by a couple of gamers (Frank Bruzzaniti and William Grenfell) who want to provide new ways to enhance peoples gaming experience. We have been producing gaming tables since 2007. We started with a goal to produce a series of gaming tables that was affordable, suited to tabletop and terrain games and didn't require a separate gaming room .  The result was the worlds first commercially available "convertible" gaming/kitchen table.  We were also the first gaming table business to factory mass produce gaming tables in order to produce arguably the most affordable gaming table in the world.

Frank and William at Pax Aus Australia


Spend more time gaming and less time packing up:

Inner table allows your game to be saved mid-game between sessions

Play with more space than ever before:
The table provides up to double the surface area for gaming than that of a conventional table.
Pull out drawers are designed to accommodate a character sheet and reference book, or a keyboard and mouse


It's not built for a game, it's built for gamers:
True hybrid gaming design. The gaming table is the only commercial gaming table designed to accommodate table top, miniature, war-gaming and PC based gaming


We think it's the best value gaming table on the market:
No other commercial gaming table offers this much flexibility for the same price 
The flat pack design allows for inexpensive delivery anywhere in Australia 



  • Table accommodates RPG, LAN and War gamers while being able to serve as an attractive dinner table

  • 60mm Sunken play surface and removable table leaves allows maps and miniatures to remain in play and saved between sessions

  • Internal dimensions accommodate standard tournament war gaming accessories

  • Large locking pull out drawers that can accommodate a reference manual along side a character sheet

  • Felt lined dice trays built into each pull out drawer minimises noise and maximises available space

  • Pull out drawers are designed to allow for easy cable management during LAN sessions

  • Clear acrylic map covers included to allow temporary marking of the entire map surface while protecting maps.  When no maps are used, the acrylic sheets can be used as a whiteboard surface

  • Table height allows for maximum visibility of sunken play surface without having to stand

  • Flat pack design only requires legs to be attached and can be shipped to your front door

  • Available as a 4, 6 or 8 draw table.  For dining, the tables can seat 8, 10 and 12 people respectively



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